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Pensieve lets you capture memories without leaving your flow.

Pensieve is a swap space for my mind. It’s the first tool I’ve used that lets me take and reference notes without interrupting the current task I’m working on.
Rick Marron, Entrepreneur
Content at Your Fingertips

Pensieve keeps your most frequently used memories up front.

I spend a big part of my day in meetings and pins are a great way to keep facts, links, names of people, dates....basically anything pertaining to currently active projects handy. Can’t wait for it to let me pin stuff from other tools.
Arpan Ghosh, Lead Engineer
Custom Sources

Coming Soon

For everything that Pensieve doesn't yet, or can't ever support, custom integrations will allow you to build your own connector; perfect for unusual or private data sources.

Why isn't this done yet?
Renuka Apte, CEO
Is it secret? Is it safe?

We do not store your third party data or access tokens on our servers, so your secrets are always safe.

See the Security & Privacy FAQ and our Privacy Policy for more details.

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