Security & Privacy FAQ

What is your tech stack?

The Pensieve desktop app is built on the Electron framework. This is a mature technology that Slack, Wordpress, Whatsapp, and many others use for their desktop applications.
Our servers and database run on Heroku (trusted by many companies whose products you probably use like Citrix, Product Hunt, Macy’s, Microsoft, Salesforce, New Relic, Sequoia Capital, Techstars, Atlassian, etc.)

Do you store my third party data on your servers?

We directly call third party search APIs whenever you issue a search so we don’t have to store or index any of your third party data on our servers.

Do you store my password when I connect a third party service?

We use OAuth, an industry standard for integrating with third party applications, to get access tokens from services like Google when you explicitly request to integrate them from the settings page (not when you log in).
This means the window that pops up where you enter your username and password is entirely controlled by Google (or whichever third party) and does not touch our servers.
We ask for the smallest set of permissions that are needed to call the search API when we request these tokens.
And the tokens are stored encrypted on your computer, not our servers.

My question isn't here, what can I do?

Email your question to We're here to help!